When Boredom Strikes

I do not think there is one sure way of dealing with this because we are all different and unique.

Everyone of us must have had that moment in time when everything just seems to be boring. You are not well able to explain why you are suddenly bored and low but you are. Other times, the boredom is accompanied by its good friend irritability. People, sounds, even scents at this point easily irritate you and for no major reason. The beauty of it all is that it sure is a very normal human feeling and one of those things that you do not have to beat yourself up when you experience. However, what do you do in such situations?

I do not think there is one sure way of dealing with this because we are all different and unique but I think some things cut across the board. First off, it would be wise to figure out at what point these feelings come about. Get to know the trigger. Is it after you have had a long period of doing nothing? or maybe after being subjected to continuous pressure or stress?

Knowing the trigger is essential in helping you find the solution faster or feel calm whenever such an experience comes about because you know exactly what is going on and that it will pass away. It can also help you know what to do to remedy the situation or avoid it. For example, if the cause is the fact that you have been subjected to too much stress then you know that having a relaxing session or engaging in a self-rejuvenating activity will go a long way in making you feel better.

Next off would be protecting those around you from your negative emotions and eventually protecting yourself in the long run. What do I mean? When in this kind of a situation, it is very easy for you to be difficult to those around you and very rude or insensitive without meaning to. This would then probably result to negative reactions from them that would anger you even more. You would now have to deal with your own negative feelings as well as anger as a result of other peoples’ reactions.

It would be better off to keep your distance or if you are comfortable enough, let those around you know that you are going through something and you are not in much the high spirits when they get into your space. However as much as you are keeping off, do not abandon your responsibilities. This will give you the time and the good environment to rejuvenate yourself and get back to your normal feel good self faster as well as maintain good relationships with those in your life.

Lastly, deal with the emotion. Do not try to ignore it once you have figured out the trigger. Go ahead and try to reverse the emotion. Ignoring things will only suffocate the emotion inside of you and eventually you will explode. Once you do, it will not be pretty and we certainly do not want that.

In case you are having difficulty figuring out the trigger, you could speak to a trusted friend or family member and explain how you are feeling and when the feeling started as well as previous instances where you have felt the same. This will help them figure things out and help you. Do not go through it all alone.

I hope this will help some of you should you come across such a moment. It would also be very interesting to hear how you handle these situations especially with this period where we are all quarantined. Feel free to share in the comment section or via email.

8 thoughts on “When Boredom Strikes”

  1. Thankyou for this.
    Whenever I go through a moody phase, I try listening to uplifting music. Sometimes going for a walk helps as well. Journaling too. Writing down all the feelings as they come

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    1. Thank you for sharing your techniques Tushy. These are equally great ways to deal. I really love the journaling especially. I think journaling like having the conversation with another party, really helps remove all that one feels inside and at the end of it all it’s like a heavy burden is lifted up which is an amazing feeling.


  2. I usually get bored easily especially when I’m indoors. At this moment I don’t like hearing any physical human noise😂😂The only human noise I can tolerate is from the TV or let’s say phone. This happens a couple of times and I don’t know how to deal with it. When I’m in such a mood, I don’t like people asking me questions. I prefer total human silence for those who are around me


    1. My thoughts would be try listening to some meditation music. You know those types that are just instrumentals and relaxing sounds of like streaming water? You could even combine this with a walk outdoors or journaling like Tushy says. Another great way that I found calming is using the bible app by youversion.com and choosing a plan that matches how you are feeling and relax listening to it or reading it. The soothing power of God’s word is one that is often underestimated but very powerful. Try one of these if you can and see if it helps any better

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